Sync Shopify with Stripe (catalogue and orders)

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Hi everybody!

I'm based in the UAE and here Stripe launched only few months back; I adopted it immediately as payment gateway and is working well, just I can't understand why products and inventory, customer details, and whatever I do/create on Shopify is not synced or cannot be synced with Stripe (especially re-creating 200+ product variants on Stripe manually is a pain).

I use Zoho for accounting and also that has to be manually updated all the time, multiplying the loss of time in managing the shop, not counting that is absolutely not convenient keeping this status quo.

In particular, if I sell through Stripe I can invoice directly from Stripe, if I sell COD or via another method, then invoice has to be made through Zoho; it's a mess.

Is there an app/setting I am missing to make Shopify and Stripe communicate? Any way I can include Zoho in this syncing?


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