Synchronisation of available inventory from Amazon UK FBA to Shopify

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We sell on Amazon UK only and also through our Shopify UK website. We fulfill via Amazon UK FBA almost exclusively, hence the quantities available for sale on our Shopify site need to match the available quantities on Amazon UK. Manually synchronising the Shopify quanties with those on Amazon is a time consuming daily task. We therefore wish to automatically synchronise our Amazon UK FBA quantites to Shopify quantities. Please can someone advise if there are any free apps that can do this simple task or any experts that you can recommend to do this. I appreciate there are paid apps which can do this, however they generally have a lot of other features that we do not require, and therefore we wish to find another alternative.
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We are evaluating publishing an Amazon to Shopify import-only app at approx. $3 per month for 1000 products. This app will do an automated import of product updates & inventory data from Amazon to Shopify. We are posting to check if there are other merchants who have this specific need - this would mean that you manage products on Seller Central, and just want the Amazon product & inventory data to be auto-updated in to Shopify. If this is of interest please or DM/email me at We are offering 5 early users 1 year of free usage.

Here is a video demo of what the app could look like

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