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Syncing Customer Fields Form data with Klaviyo

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Hello, I have been trying for the past week now to try to get the Helium Customer Fields Customer Registration form that I created to sync with Klaviyo. I have tried both articles at the links below: 

I tried the article at the first link first. Going through each step. I added the code needed for the JavaScript Embed to work. I even created the file the same name just to make sure that I was following it exactly to a T. No data was syncing this way. I am not getting any errors in the console either. No warnings or any type of sign as to what could be causing it. I added the script tag to both the customer registration form as well as the theme.liquid file just to make sure that I was adding it to places that the site would see. Nothing.


I then followed the steps to the second article using Zapier. I used the Zap Template that was provided and made the necessary tweaks to point to the Customer Fields registration page. I ended up getting the email to subscribe but in Klaviyo my account was showing never subscribed. Even when I deleted my account and tried again. I again received the email to subscribe and clicked the button. When I went back to my account it again said never subscribed. 


The client that I am working with doesn't want to use Zapier if I can help it. Right now using Zapier I am halfway there and would like to get this working ASAP as the site needs to go live in three weeks. I would prefer to not take the three weeks I have getting it working and instead use that time to test the site further and make sure that all is working properly. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. 

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