Tag customer when specific items are purchased not working across multiple apps

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Hey y'all! Our shop has been having an issue with automated customer tagging for a few weeks now, and none of the apps we've tried are working anymore.

We sell a recurring membership product that is processed through ReCharge. Purchasing this item should trigger an auto-tag in an app to flag the customer's account and allow them to access to "members only" areas in the shop. I use Liquid logic to check for the tag in a template, then shunt the user to the appropriate area of the shop.

In the past, we were able to use apps like Ordersify (paid) to automatically tag customer accounts at the time of purchase so that customers have instant access to the content they just paid for. A few weeks ago, Ordersify stopped auto-tagging and we couldn't get it to work again. We switched over to the Shopify Flow (free) app, and it doesn't work. Most recently, we've tried Tagit (free), and that's not working either.

In Ordersify, it checked for one of several possible line item IDs in the order, and it worked flawlessly for many months. We've tried three different, very simple rules in Flow (one for line item IDs, one for line item Names, and one for line item Titles) and none of them have ever worked. Now it's the same for Tagit and one simple rule that checks for a string in an order line item name.

We're not asking these apps to do anything fancy...when order, if item, then tag.

Has anyone else had any issues at all similar to this, with these apps or others? Is this something we need to work with Shopify one-on-one about? Can anyone give any insight as to what we might try next? TIA!
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Order Automator app will work for you. We have people using the exact situation you mentioned, recharge orders tagging customer.


I'm not sure how to troubleshoot with your other apps but with Order Automator, it's customizable so if there's some unique logic with your orders, we can create a workaround for you, if you have any troubles just reach out to support at orderautomator.com/contact for a quick solution.

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Hello! Thanks for the recommendation. We'll give it a shot and will report on whether it has failed for us as well.