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We sell out-of-stock items because we manufacture on site and can restock quickly. I need the ability to see only orders I can fill at a given time based on my On Hand inventory at a specific location.

I have tried a couple of tagging apps but none is using the right source information - either they can't focus on one location, or they use Available inventory instead of On Hand.

Can anyone suggest something that will let me tag or filter orders the way I need?

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Can you share the details of which apps you have tried?

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Hi @HYS81 ,


As I was working recently on inventory reports for our app I am curious about your issue. 

You say that you continue selling sold-out products, meaning that inventory for certain products & variants would go into the negatives.  What you need, and correct me if I am wrong is a list of "shipable" orders, meaning, those orders that were placed before the inventory quantity went into the negatives (and also some mechanism in order to adjust for new inventory quantity added)? I am saying this, because it is not as easy as one would think to have the "on-hand" inventory quantity from Shopify.






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What I'm looking for is an app that can check an order against on-hand inventory. If on-hand is positive, tag it as fillable. Or conversely, apply an out-of-stock tag if on-hand is <0, and then remove it when on-hand is replenished.

I tried Leap Auto tags which can do this, but it looks at the combined inventory of my two locations instead of just my online store. I can't get timely enough help from their support team to pursue this route.

I am also trying SC Order Tags & Flows which can focus on one inventory location, but it only considers an item "in stock and able to fill" if the available quantity is >0, so if I have one item in stock and it gets ordered, availablity=0 and the order is tagged as unfillable, even though I still have the item on hand to fill that order. I do have someone from support trying to help me, but it's taking some time. I'm exploring alternatives in the meantime.