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tagging subscription orders with date for delivery

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Hi, i have a business that offers a weekly subscription and i currently use Seal subcriptions to generate the orders. I also use Order delivery date so when an order is placed, the customer has to choose a delivery date (as we offer delivery 3 days per week)

this process works great for the first order, the order comes through with a tag of the delivery date they selected, however i run into issues from the following orders. Seal subscription creates next weeks order as it should but i cant automatically create a new date.


for example: customer places order for delivery Thursday 1st and requests a weekly subscription, order is tagged 01/01/1000. 1 week later the subscription order is created but with no date tag.

how do i get it to create a date tag for 08/01/1000



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I would check with your subscription app to see if they can edit their functionality to make those tags for you.


If that doesn't work, you can do this with Order Automator app - this app handles order processing tasks like tagging orders / customers, fulfillment, notifications, etc.

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