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Task Management Within Shopify

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I want to create a To-Do list within Shopify that helps me:

- Put reminder in case we want to follow up with a customer regarding an order

- Put reminder in case we want to make a phone call to a customer 7 days in future.


Essentially a task list that has customer name, order number (just in case for reference), date (when task needs to be executed), status etc. Is it possible?


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Could be built as a custom app! Sounds like a fun and easy project. Feel free to shoot me an email: and I'll build it for you 🙂

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Everything is possible nowadays, darling. For to-do lists, I mostly use xHub. It's easy and provides everything you said you need. More than that, it is entirely free. As a friend of mine used to say, it's the perfect Oka To-Do for iOS. If you have an Android, I think this won't work. But there are a lot of suitable, manageable apps available and accessible. You could try to download some, see the one you like most. Maybe even post it here so other android users can try it as well. I hope I could help you even a little bit. If not, perhaps someone else will.