Technical Guidance Needed for Interacting with Our API within Shopify Admin

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Hello Shopify Developers,

We are working on enhancing our Shopify app's functionality and could use some guidance on the technical aspects of allowing users to interact with our API from within the Shopify admin. Specifically, we want to enable users to perform actions on a list of items using our API.

Our technical requirements are as follows:

  1. Create a user interface within the Shopify admin that displays a list of items.
  2. Implement functionality that allows users to perform actions on items in the list.
  3. Develop the necessary API calls to execute these actions through our app's API.

Could you please provide technical insights, code snippets, or examples related to these aspects? We are looking for advice on how to achieve these functionalities within the Shopify development environment without disclosing the specific purpose of our app.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards

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