The Date Picker in the GiftShip app shows up in cart rather than after local delivery is chosen

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I need an app that can display a datepicker calendar ONLY after local delivery is chosen on the checkout page.  It should not show up on the cart because it causes confusion when a client will be shipping based on Canada Post delivery times.


I like the giftship app because it has a gift cart message spot and a datepicker.  Hopefully another app has these 2 features.  As a side note, we only offer "pickup" during the summer months so this would have to be disabled for part of the year (if it is part of the app). 


Any suggestions? Thanks, 


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Hello @-Gracie- , 

My name is Sandy from Zapiet. 

I would like to talk to you about our Store Pickup + Delivery app, which I think could be a great match to what you need 🙂

First, I need to tell you that our widget will be installed in the cart page, but please note that our widget will allow your customers to select their method ( Pickup, Delivery or Shipping ) in the cart and not at checkout. 

On each method, we offer a date picker and for the Store Pickup and Local Delivery we also offer a time picker.

We can also add a delivery note field

And each of our method can be enabled or disabled in our settings, with only a click of a button. This would allow you to easily disable the Store Pickup for the months where you stop offering it.

I invite you to take a look at our demo store to see what it would look like and what it can offer 🙂

You can also reach us at, if ever you have questions.

Wishing you a lovely day !

- Sandy

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I noticed when i downloaded the trial app today that the basic app does not offer different local delivery rates by postal code unless you connect another Zapiet API for an additional cost.  Since I am in Canada, $30USD+$20USD per month is getting costly.  My budget is $30USD/month as that is what GIFTSHIP is costing me and I would just change one app for another.  Currently shipping (flat rate in Canada) and local delivery (different rates by postal code)  already work with my current FLEX theme FOR FREE in settings. It's only the GIFTSHIP datepicker that is a problem because it shows up for my shipping products and causes confusion.  I will continue looking for a date picker and gift card note feature unless you have a zapiet solution for $30USD/month.