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Hey folks, here you won’t find advertising, only true use cases. Just give me a chance to make your life easier and talk about solving common issues.

Skyvia, the app developed by my team, is a SaaS platform for no-coding data integration, automation, and backup. Fully cloud solution for your data integration needs. Let’s talk a bit more about each of its basic functions.

First of all, you can easily connect Shopify to plenty of cloud apps like Salesforce, Quickbooks Online, BigCommerce, etc. Skyvia also supports integration with databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, BigQuery, and others. After connection to a database or a cloud data warehouse, you can easily connect data to a BI tool (e.g. Power BI, Tableau) via Odata or SQL endpoint for data analysis.

Secondly, there is the ability to schedule the automatic data import and export from Shopify to a CSV file and vice versa. Moreover, these CSV files can be placed or taken from FTP, SFTP and file storages like Box, Onedrive, etc. Skyvia provides a Query tool, which includes Excel add-in and Google Sheets add-on. These built-in tools don’t require installation and are available on the marketplaces (G Suite and Microsoft AppSource). Query tool allows you to compose SQL queries and create custom subsets of data either with SQL language, or with a user-friendly query builder.

And last, but not least is Shopify backup. You can configure it in a couple of minutes, set up a schedule, and don't worry about potential data loss anymore. Your data as well can be restored at any time. Talking about security, your data is stored safe and encrypted in Azure GRS storage, and only you have access to it.

That's it! I appreciate you taking the time to read this post. Feel free to test it (2 weeks free trials are available along with a free plan) and ask any questions in the comments.


P.S. Working with ProductVariants can be very slow because of API limitations.



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Great! Thanks for sharing