The installation link for this app is invalid

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I'm a shopify developer. i have create a custom CLI app using Remix Template and try to install my custom app on live site then getting me this Error popup.

The installation link for this app is invalid

The link for installing APPNAME cannot be used. Contact the app developer for more information.

Any body help me. how can i solve this issue ? 



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I am having the same issue, and no one can help me yet. The app installs on every Shopify Plus instance except for the one I need to install it on, and I get the same error message as you, to contact the developer (me!). I am the shop owner, and the app installs fine on all of my other Plus sites. I can't see anything in the permissions or the app settings that would make the one site different from the others in terms of setup or permissions.


Here is the response I got back from a Shopify Partner Specialist. I don't know if this is helpful to you, it wasn't helpful to me:


The problem arises when merchants are unable to install apps through custom distribution due to the failure of the UnifiedAdminRedirectConcern to redirect them to the Unified Admin. The error occurs when the grant page cannot locate source information from the access Change.
The root cause of the issue lies in the process:

  1. The install_custom_app sets the source information in the OauthSession (code).
  2. The /authorize or /install creates the access Change record with the source information from the OauthSession (code).
  3. The /request_grant returns an error if the aforementioned access Change record lacks source information (code).

The redirection of merchants to the legacy /request_grant is a symptom of the middleware's failure to redirect to the Unified Admin /request_grant. However, the actual error is due to the UA backend redirect concern failing for /authorize or /install earlier in the process.
The recommended solution is to fix the UnifiedAdminRedirectConcern to ensure that app installation and authorization remains within the Unified Admin.
Additional context includes:

  • We have confirmed that /install_custom_app correctly sets the source information in the Unified Admin OauthSession.
  • We have confirmed that /authorize and /install are creating the access Change record without this source information in all reported incidents.
  • We have confirmed that the backend redirect is failing for all reported incidents (merchant is redirected to legacy /request_grant).
  • We have confirmed that the backend redirect is failing for /install and authorize as well.

We greatly appreciate your understanding. If you have any further concerns, just let us know.


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I believe what they are trying to say is that one of your redirect links uses the old Admin setup {store_name}, while another request in the flow went to{store_name}.


I was trying to get through the grant process manually rather than having my app handle the redirects, but here is what worked for me:


  1. In partner portal under app --> distribution, select Custom distribution. Enter the address of the store that will use this app. (This might be what is going wrong in your case: it seems like custom apps now can only be granted access to a single store/shopify+ org at a time)
  2. In a new window, go to the generated URL
  3. In the same window, go to the address{store_name}/admin/oauth/authorize?client_id={client_id}&scope=read_..., where:
    1. store_name: your store name, from {store_name}
    2. client_id: The Client ID of your app from the Partner portal
    3. app_url: The value you added to redirect URLs in partner portal
    4. nonce : a random string of characters
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Hi Remeika - see below - it was solved just by opening an incognito window and installing it through there. After that everything worked fine!

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Opening the install link in a private window and logging in there fixed it for me. The session must have corrupted somewhere internally in Shopify.

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You genius!! That worked!!!! Incognito mode and it installed right away :). THANK YOU!!!!!

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Hi @Jennifer_Farnel , I have created an app with custom distribution that allows multi-store, but when I tried to install on my stores using the generated distribution link: , it is throwing an error: 

Oauth error invalid_link: This app can't be installed using this link. Contact the app developer for more information.
Not getting, how to use the generated custom distribution link with allowing multi-store.
Can you guys please help me on this.
Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 5.46.56 PM.png