Theme app extension embed block duplicates after renaming app

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Steps to replicate:

  1. Activate your app's embed block in a theme and save the changes
  2. Rename your app from Shopify Partners
  3. Activate the embed block again in the same theme
  4. There should now be two embed blocks with the old and the new app name

Uninstalling the app doesn't seem to get rid of the issue so I assume the theme version is just cursed for now.

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Shopify Partner
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+1, having this same issue!


Installing an app with an App Embed Block into a Development Store seems to automatically enable the Embed Block, regardless of what the actual theme settings are; turning on the block in theme settings then loads a second copy of the embed block. 


Haven't been able to find a resolution so far; any input from a Shopify dev would be appreciated! 

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The way to fix this currently is to manually edit config/settings_data.json from your theme and remove the additional embed block.