theme app extensions - Invalid tag 'schema' when the settings array contains more than 15 objects

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Hi all,

I am trying to extend themes via "Theme app extensions"

Here is the steps to reproduce the bug:

1) shopify extension create

2) shopify extension connect (I connect the extension to my app)

3) I create and edit the file block/my.liquid

4) If the file block/my.liquid contains a schema with a settings having less than 16 objects and I run the command "shopify extension push", everything works

5) However, If the file "block/my.liquid" contains a schema with a settings having equal to or greater than 16 objects I get the error

"Invalid tag 'schema': settings: is invalid" when I run "shopify extension push"

Any help appreciate.



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I have the same error when I try to use equal to or more than 8 similar attributes in the schema settings (half your amount...). It seems there is a max number of blocks of 25 now: but that doesn't answer this specific issue.

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