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We are working on an app which would have used a script injection to modify some aspects of a store. It's working great and is entirely automated, but we were told that we could not use scripts that way anymore. Instead we need to use a "theme app extension".


We have been reviewing the docs on this and successfully (although painfully) implemented the app within the requested framework. However we are concerned with the flow for the end user. This is our understanding:


After the user adds our app to his store and goes through OAuth, the app displays instructions to install:


  1. Go to 'Settings > Custom Data > Products > Add Definition' and create a custom definition
  2. .... Repeat the above for all sections other than 'Products' where the app might be needed
  3. Go to 'Online Store > Themes > Customize > Add Block' find the app and add it


Only then will the app be operational. Our experience with the end-user is that the above is too complicated (and it may be that we are misunderstanding something). We would like this process to be automated. However we could not find any info on how to do this or if it is even possible.


Would anyone be able to advise? It would be much appreciated!


Thank you in advance!




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