Third party app that allows only certain items to be shipped out of Province/State

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Hello there all

I am trying to find a third party app that allows certain inventory items to be shipped out of province, as we are a brewery but have other products–the Shopify cart default is to not allow ANYTHING to be shipped out of province (because of beer), but we also have plenty of merch items besides our beverages.


Ideally we could mark what could be shipped out of province (merch), and what could not be shipped out of province (beer).


Has anyone heard of a solution to this Shopify dilemma?
Or is there something native in the cart that can do this, and I am just missing it?


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Hi Cathymatha, 

I have a suggestion for your Shopify dilemma. My app, MapIt, can help you with your specific requirement of allowing certain inventory items to be shipped out of the province while others cannot.

Usually, merchants use MapIt to customize shipping zones on a map, it cant specify between collections, but you can implement the app just on the specific collection. At the same time, the rest of your products in the store will follow the default shipping settings in Shopify. So you can control the shipping options by assigning the appropriate products to the designated collection.

To explore how MapIt can help you set up the desired shipping rules, check out 'MapIt' in the Shopify App Store. Our support team is also available to assist you further at:

Good luck!