Third Party Apps Not Loading in Certain Browsers

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So I am encountering an issue with my online store where third party apps aren't loading properly, but it appears to be either browser or computer related. The apps fail to load in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on my laptop, but load properly in a Mozilla based browser (Librewolf). On my phone, they load properly in Chrome, Safari, and Brave browsers. I have tried clearing cookies and cache in Chrome on my laptop to no avail, switching to incognito on both Chrome and Edge also doesn't make a difference. I inspected the site console in all of the desktop browsers and no errors stood out as the cause, in fact the Librewolf console had significantly more errors as it blocks a lot of pixel tracking functionality. Not sure how to proceed, it affects almost all external apps so it doesn't seem tied to a specific app. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The site link is

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