Tracking Individual Variant SKUs in Multi-Product Bundling

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Hi all!

Suffocating in pain right now trying to find a fix for a current problem.

I am wondering if there is an app is able to do the following: If we want to create a bundle product with multiple product options & variants of those options such as the below:



  • Don't want the bundle to break into individual items when hitting the cart
  • Want to apply a fixed price to the bundle

Currently at the moment this is just set up a as a normal product in Shopify with variants - but we cannot track individual SKUs (as each combination of the possible variants of the products above only allows one SKU per line when set up in Shopify)

We have tried using Infinite Options - but the problem is it doesn't allow for tracking of the individual variant SKUs when the variants of each product in the bundle are picked. Unless when you create a variant option (Paradise Fruits), you write the SKU next to it (Paradise Fruits - EHP-BB-PF-30SRV), which is not ideal for the front end consumer. 

Is there a way so that when the customer picks those options in the front-end/consumer facing end of the website, in the back-end we are able to load a SKU next to the variant picked? That way when our system pulls orders through, it is able to identify the exact SKU for a variant picked? 

For example, when the customer initially picks their items, they can only see the product & variant choice (ie Beyond BCAA Paradise Fruits). But when they check-out and the information is released in the background, the specific variant SKU (Paradise Fruits - EHP-BB-PF-30SRV) also travels with it so that the intergrative 3PL system can pick up the specific SKU from the order and track for inventory? Below somewhat of an example of how it could look (generated using Agile Bundles), but we need to test to see if our intergration software can pull information out. 


Paradise Fruits = EHP-BB-P 
Strawberry Kiwi = EHP-BB-SK



Guava = EHP-OXYS-G 

Pina Colada = EHP-OXYS-PC


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Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I've looked at Infinite Options, Bundles, Bundle Builder...

No-one seems to be able to allow a SKU to be used for bundled combinations of products for 3PL picking & Packing!

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Hey @MG1,

You could solve this by attaching metafields to the individual variants that contain the SKU, that way the product inside Shopify doesn't have to display to the customer, but you are still retaining that information to be used throughout the rest of the order dispatch process.

That's half of your problem solved, the other half is to then pull that information through when pulling through to your 3PL provider - I do a fair bit of that type of thing (managing integration with 3rd parties), feel free to flick me an email if you'd like me to talk you through it -



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Hi there, I know you posted this question a while ago but are you still looking for a solution to track individual variant SKUs that make up a bundle? We recently launched Simple Bundles that does just that. You can also send order info to your 3PL logistics partner to pick and pack individual SKUs.

Try it out if you're interested and let me know if you have any questions! 

You can install it here:
Here's a video if you just want to see how it works:

Let me know how it goes! Would love to hear any feedback so we can continue to make improvements and add features. 


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Hi! Would this app also work for me? I sell Bikini sets where you can select a different size for the top and bottom. Right now I am manually tracking my inventory and have run into the problem of not being able to track how many different sizes I have left of the same suit? I hope this makes sense please help!

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Hi Cameron, here's an example of a bundle created on Simple Bundles that will work for your use case!
There are a few more examples in the help doc as well. Let me know if you have any more questions ( 

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In order to set up this would I have to put each top and bottom into my products separately?

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Thanks for recommendation. We are loving this app