Tracking inventory for multi-varient products

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Hello, I'm new to the eComm game and was hoping to tap into your expertise! 

I'm setting up my store and adding a new product which is a "kit" containing a combination of products which are already loaded into my store separately. 

How do I create this "kit" while still tracking the inventory of each individual product? Is there a magic app I need? SOS! 

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Hi @eCommRookie !

This app does exactly that:

Your kit is the master/bundle product and you get to add the individual items underneath this main product. Any stock movement is reflected, if one of the individual items are out of stock then the kit will also be out of stock.

Let me know if that's what you're looking for! Cheers!

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Hey @eCommRookie,

With the PickyStory app, you can create kits with tiered pricing and track individual product SKUs.

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Hope this helps!


Alex Green | PickyStory
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