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Hi members 🙂


We currently use Trade Gecko's Pick Pack app which has been very useful this last few years.


With one or two exceptions, the app is just so simple and very quick. Seems like data is stored locally on the device (ipad) and then periodically syncs, instead of syncing each time for every click of a button - very frustrating when trying to work efficiently and waiting for the old spinning timer to do it's thing!


Unfortunately the Trade G. pick pack app is about to become unsupported and will no longer run? from this week onwards (June 2022)


We have tried a number of apps such as iPacky, pick pack and promo, and Pick List. Pick list seems to be the only one in the same ball park as TG Pick Pack app for operation.


We want to be able to pick items from individual orders and pack them on a simple, easy to view interface which ideally shows the basics of Order number, item details and number of each item. Anything surplus to this is a bonus or possibly overkill. a number of the pick list apps seem to be exactly that - a picklist, with no ability to click an item and show it as picked or packed. They are purely non-interactive lists.


With a two step process in place for a picker to fetch products and 'pick' them. Then the packer takes the items and 'packs' them, it would be great to have an app which differentiated between orders that have been picked and orders that have been packed - this seems so obvious to me but we really are struggling to find the solution to this. 


Pick list is also a Shopify integrated app which unlike the standalone Tradegecko Pick Pack app which could operate in full screen, pick list will usually still leave the shopify navigation bar/column on the left of the ipad screen which takes up about a third of the screen area - hugely cuts down on the available space for displaying the order picking information.


Because we operate off iPads and not large desktop monitors, having as much of the useful and simple information visible at any point in time without the need to keep scrolling is key for speed and efficiency


We use Zenstores for order processing and don't have a need for multiple locations as yet.


Really keen to hear what fellow eCommerce operators (especially within the UK) are using for simple and efficient picking and packing of orders. Picking and Packing is key for us - stock management is handled by Shopify so a heavy weight inventory management or CRM system is probably overkill for our needs.


A few simple changes to the existing Tradegecko Pick Pack app and to keep it operating would have been ideal but unfortunately a replacement needs to be found


Any help, thoughts or suggestions very welcome at this stage








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Hi @NI-Candles while it is true that most of the pick and pack apps are pretty simple and most of the inventory systems are quite large and complex, I've got a solution that might work for you right in the middle.


We created SKUSavvy as a Shopify WMS (warehouse management system) for those merchants who are looking for a streamlined solution to keeping inventory accurate, picking streamlined, and order fulfillment simple. 


For pick and pack operations, SKUSavvy connects to your Shopify store to pull in orders, customers, products, and inventory. You'll be able to allocate inventory to bin locations on a visual warehouse layout which is then used in the picking flow to help workers find items faster. 


As orders come into SKUSavvy, you can create batches of orders or do single order batches. SKUSavvy will enable you to turn on/off scan points such as a scan during picking for the bin and a scan on the product, as well as scans on the fulfillment workflow, to scan the product during packing. This process is a two-part process that matches your current flow and will keep all the relevant information present so that an order can be fulfilled and a shipping label purchased and printed on the fly. This process works across any device including your iPads. 


Beyond this, SKUsavvy will help you scale - though these things are not essential. Things like purchase orders and check-in, multi-warehouse, cross-docking, backorders, expiration dates and lot tracking, multiple units and kitting etc. 


From the sounds of it, SKUSavvy will be a good fit to replace Tradegecko and we would be glad to have you on or to set up a call so that we can discuss it in more detail. 

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Hi @NI-Candles,


Thank you for choosing to use our Pick List app for Shopify.

$5 per month with a 15-day free trial.


Based on feedback from your store and other Shopify Merchants, we've made some changes to our app to allow packing of orders after you complete picking products.


After picking/scanning the products in the picklist, click the "Clear picked" button, next switch to the "Group by: Orders" view. This will display all your orders with the products and quantities required in each package. You can now pack orders by scanning products or by manually marking the packed products on-screen.


Our app is embedded in Shopify so it can be used directly from Shopify Mobile or POS along with Shopify's camera barcode scanner. Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow embedded apps on the iPad to go full screen, but we do have a full screen option if you use our app on a browser. If you do not need the camera barcode scanner, you can use our app on an iPad via Safari and click the "Enter fullscreeen" option at the top of the browser.




Please feel free to contact us directly if you require any assistance or have any suggestions for improving our app.



Pick List Support Team

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