Transitioning from Product API to Product Lists API - Challenges and Queries

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Facing following issue in transitioning from Product API to Product Lists API - 

  1. I tried hitting the Product Listing API for already connected stores with the sales channel, but getting the following Error message in response - "[API] This action requires merchant approval for read_product_listings scope." Please let me know how I can resolve this error. I tried re-installing our sales channel app on the store, but during re-installation as well, I'm not provided with any option to grant this access.
  2. Referring to the Product listings resource provided on Product List API, I'm not provided with complete image information, including image dimensions and ID. Thus, it’s not possible to interpret which image is associated with which variant. Also, the image_id attribute is not present in the variant’s data.
  3. I received an email from Shopify asking me to use Product Listings API instead of Product API for fetching product related data. Is shifting to use the Product List API something mandatory? I'm getting complete product information from the Product API around which my current system is built.
  4. Lets say I shift to the Product Listing API & my app has the scopes necessary, would the existing stores connected to my sales channel app need to install the app again in order to give me the new permissions?
  5. If the app gets delisted, will it prevent the current users from using the app & me being able to fetch orders/products?
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