Translate symbol appears in background, but app is uninstalled!

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Hello! hello! We have downloaded a translate app (Transcy), but decided to delete it. But the translate symbol is still there when we rolode our hompage. It appears at a qick time then dissapears. How can we solve this? is there a coding for this? because it is really irritating!

Can someone please help us? 


Best regards, JRL Trend

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Perhaps the app modified your theme code to add in some custom code so when you removed the app that code remains.
Pure assumption however. Can you share the link to your shop and where this symbol appears (just in case it's not obvious when looking)?

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Hey, yeah I assumed that, but can’t find the coding that’s wrong. 
But thank you for looking into this. It’s a really bad picture, but it appears right beside our cart page at a quick moment then dissapears. 


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