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Translation apps for brooklyn theme

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Hey shopify community, 
I am using brooklyn theme for the structure of the website, Pagefly -page builder for our homepage and I am in shopify baisc plan.

The problem : I want to have 4 to 5 different languages in my store with currency convertor. We have translator person in house. I want a application where there is space where our translators can add their translations. 

NOTE: looking for inexpensive application which works with pagefly in shopify basic plans.

Please help.

thank you

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Hi @amirpj,

Not all translation apps in Shopify are compatible with page builders such as PageFly because most of them using Shopify Native translation, only able to translate theme content.

I really appreciate you are using our app right now and PageFly is compatible with Weglot and Langify, you can check the 2 tutorials here.

- Weglot

- Langify

You can reach us via in-app live chat or email if any problems arise

Hope you find this helpful.


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