Trouble with imported Product Review dates

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Hi There,

The creation date shown in the example template is 9/01/17 16:40 (when open in Excell).

The dates of my reviews seem to be the same: 7/08/17 9:14. But weirdly, this date displays on the site as Aug 17, 0007

Is the format of the date in the example template correct or is the Product Review App not interpreting the dates correctly?

The 'Import using month/day/year date format' was left unticked because we don'ty use american dates if that makes sense.

Any help would be much appreciated as our imported reviews look fake!


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The problem was Microsft (as usual).

If you open the example .csv in Excell to use as a template (most of us use Excel for this) then Excell will screw the date format.

I'd recommend that Shopify also recognise the date format output by Excel when importing .csv files.

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Solved, the issue is that while most of us edit .csv files in Excel, the Shopify importer doesn't recognise Excel dates.

I'd recommend updating the importer to also recognise the date format output by Excel.

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how did you solve this? 3 years now its still the same issue


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Hi there,

As mentioned above, seems to be a compatibility issue with excel's date format.

This worked for me:

After completing the reviews, leaving the created dates blank for now, save and close your csv file.

Open with text edit (or similar, i'm on a mac), and copy and paste the date format from the csv template that you download from the app.

Once pasted back into the end of each line item in your text reader, update the dates, save, close, and your done.

Hope this works for you also.

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I have figured out a solution. 

Edit everything in Excel, then change date format to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS right before exporting to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

When you go to Import Reviews, do not check the box "Import using month/day/year date format."

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Here are some steps you should follow to get this done. I did and it worked out for me. 


1. Down load the .csv file.

2. Open it (make sure in default opening software such as numbers or else, if you only have excel then open with excel) 

3. Do not delete or update any column. 

4. Copy all the content (Cltr+A, command+A) 
5. Open drive and make a google sheet (name it anything you need) 

6. Paste the copied content

7. Go to "created_at" column and remove all entries 

8. YYYY-MM-DD eg. 2022-01-11 date only remove time. 

9. Download the file in .csv again and now upload to your shopify store. 


It will result like: Jan 11, 2022 ( which sounds okay then the last showing result)