Troubleshooting Zapier for importing new customers from Shopify to Quickbooks

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We're having trouble getting correct new customer information to flow from Shopify to Quickbooks Online using Zapier. We are wanting new Business Address customer name and address info to flow. 


I am not seeing in the available Zapier data fields related specifically to business address. I have experimented with available fields "address" and "default address" ... and neither of these pulls the business address into Quickbooks; they pull shipping address.


Address1 = Shipping Address

Default Address = Shipping Address


Any thoughts or suggestions?


Please also suggest alternate apps we might use to get the New Customer Billing Address data to flow!


Thank you!

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Another thought: Is there a way within Shopify to designate the billing address as the customer's "default" address?


The reason we need billing address is that our customers are retailers who purchase from the main company and ship to satellite locations. 

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Hi June,

This seems to be basic functionality that so many integration offerings lack.  It's like they don't even consider the unique functional needs of the business and the goal is to get the web order into the system as simply as possible.


I author the CartSpan eCommerce integration for Shopify and have been providing integration services since 2008.  This is standard functionality in CartSpan since the beginning of time as it make little sense to create a customer master from the Ship-To detail.  Most integration offerings also don't allow you any flexibility in the creation of your Customer Name in QuickBooks; they generally import in the simplest fashion of First+Last... without much consideration of uniqueness in naming.  I call this the 'second John Smith' problem. 


CartSpan has multiple options for managing Customer Names in QuickBooks including the definition of a custom rule that is applied to the Billing Contact address coming in from Shopify.  This is an example of what you can configure:


Rule:    LN|0,-,FN|0,-,ZIP|5        Yields:   Wheeler-Scott-45140

Rule:    LN|4,-,FN|2,-,ZIP|5        Yields:   Whee-Sc-45140

Rule:    LN|-3,-,ST|2,-,ZIP|5        Yields:   ler-OH-45140    (makes no sense, but you what's possible)


After you decide upon a rule that makes sense for your business, CartSpan has a utility that can re-name your entire customer base in QuickBooks to this convention.  This then 'harmonizes' future imports and avoids the duplication of duplicate customer masters.


This is but one example of an integration that was built from a customer business-process perspective vs. and IT perspective...which is what most commercial offerings seem to reflect.


Please reach out if you feel there might be an opportunity to use CartSpan for your business.  My support phone number is plastered at the top of the home page.



Scott Wheeler