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Trusting Private App?

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Hi there, looking for a little advice if you can spare any . . .


My supplier, who i have been in a good working relationship with for 6 months, is now asking me to install a private app from an app developer he knows. The app is to help streamline the fulfilment process by accessing our orders in realtime so they can be fulfilled automatically in the suppliers warehouse. 


I am vary of granting API access to a private app that I have not seen any terms/conditions for and I do no personally know the developer. Is this a bad idea to give access to an app that has not be verified by the Shopify app store. 


Not sure what to do on this one as it's a tricky situation. 


Any help much appreciated. 




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I have very much the same question as @hereiam . I want to sync product inventory quantities between two stores (one on Shopify and one on Woocommerce) but to do so I need to grant API access to a developer (in this case for the app SyncPenguin). 

There are so many warnings before even activating the API that it makes me rather nervous. How can I know that I can trust this developer?