Trying to purchase app - Metafields Guru fails

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I get the following error message when trying to 'approve subscription'. We are using the admin user account within a Partner account to purchase the plugin (app). We are in the development phase so this site is not live but I need to use the Metafields Guru functionality The error message pops up in red at the bottom - "The shop cannot accept the provided charge". We are based in the UK and have tried a Credit card and Paypal and neither approach work.


Can you advise any fixes for this?


Added screenshot of page where I am trying to add payment. @MetafieldsGuru 

Screenshot 2021-11-25 at 12.00.05.png

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Hi there,


Sasha here from Metafields Guru team.


Indeed, that's quite an odd issue. For some reason, Shopify won't allow your account to initiate an app charge.

I managed to find multiple support threads on similar issue: here and there.


Can you please submit a ticket from your Shopify admin panel so that we'll be able to have a closer look at this issue together? In my opinion, it would be a more convenient and secure place to share the details needed to investigate the issue. Submitting a ticket won't take much time, all you need to do is to click on two buttons:



Hope to hear from you soon : )


Best regards,

Sasha Kachkovskyi

Co-founder and CEO

256 Development