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UA4/Google Sales Channel/Simprosys Google Feed App

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I've partly installed the Google Sales Channel to capture GA4 data in preparation for the withdrawal of UA in July.


From what i can see, it appears this is a completely integrated channel that also syncs product information with Google. However, I already have the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed set up as a paid app which I'm very happy with. Here are my questions:


1) Am I correct in thinking that the Google Sales channel works in the exact same way as Simprosys Google Feed. In effect the Google Sales Channel could replace this app?


2) Does the Google Sales Channel offer Enhanced conversions data? There seems to be no mention of it, is it a built in feature?


3) Would it be a bad idea to complete the Google Sales Channel set up and continue to run the Simprosys Google Feed. Would this cause issues with duplication in Google?


Thanks in advance

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1) No, the free app has no functionality compared to a paid app. While I do not use Simprosys, I do know that the Google Channel app is full of bugs and you are not able to customize anything.


2) You can check Google Ads > tools and settings > conversions > click on the conversion and check if it enabled enhanced conversions. However if you already installed it, no need to have it again, so make sure you only have 1 purchase conversion active.


3) Yes, do not setup two feeds, it will create conflicts, and potentially policy violations, which may lead to suspensions.

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Thanks for your reply, makes sense. Think I'm going to stick with Symprosys for now. Apparently they also have a GA4 analytics integration which means I have no need for the Google Shopping Channel now so will remove. Thanks again