Unable to create development store and got banned by Risk assement team for trying. Is this normal?

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I am a developer and wanted to help a local client with Shopify integration problems into their accounting team's work flow. 

I followed their well crafted tutorial from shopify documentation site and created a partner account and created a development store.

No matter what I did, the development store was not getting created and kept on showing me an error. "Oops Something went wrong".  and No stores are listed on my partner account.

Sent an email to support team. Got response in 2 days that they do not know the cause and they will get back to me later.

One week later.

Tried to follow online tutorial to see If I can create another store from scratch. Same error.

I was really frustrated about this and wanted to talk to a support chat person soon.

Next day

I get an email from Risk Operations team that they reviewed and investigated my partner account that was just created without any activity in it and

"My business presents them a level of risk to Shopify" and cannot offer support


So many big words for what? for trying to create a development store? 

I just provided my name and name of my business that's all and no other information. There is nothing to do investigation on other than its a minority owned business based on the name given. Our company also does boring accounting software no one other than a small group of local businesses care about.


Such a terrible first experience.


Is this normal?

In any other situation I would just advice people to migrate to different platform and move on. In this case I just could not let this go because I feel discriminated based on my name and nothing else. There was no other information for shopify support team to do "reviews and investigations" and deny something so simple. 



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