Unable to create shopify server pixel which came out in 2023-04 version

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On this page shopify server pixel requires write_pixelsread_customer_events and write_server_pixels access scopes, but after adding these scopes to my app, i'm unable to even install the app because of this error- 


Oauth error invalid_scope: The access scope is invalid: write_server_pixels

Why is write_server_pixels is an invalid scope?


Is it because my partner account doesn't have permission to use this new api?  if yes how do i apply for access.


This is my shopify.app.toml

# This file stores configurations for your Shopify app.

scopes = "write_products,read_files,read_content,write_content,write_files,read_orders,read_themes,write_themes,read_server_pixels,read_pixels,read_customer_events,write_server_pixels,write_pixels"
extension_directories = ["app/extensions/*"]
web_directories = ["server", "server/frontend"]



This is change log link for the release https://shopify.dev/changelog/server-pixels-limited-release


Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 7.56.48 AM.png

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Support told me it's still invite only. 😕