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Unable to get customer details from APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhook response

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We are working on shopify app development and implemented billing API. 


in index.js file i have added the below code after  shopify.auth.callback(),


 async (req, res, next) => {
  const plans = Object.keys(billingConfig);
    const session = res.locals.shopify.session;
    const hasPayment = await shopify.api.billing.check({
      plans: plans,
      isTest: true,

    if (hasPayment) {
    } else {
        await shopify.api.billing.request({
          plan: plans[0],
          isTest: true,
and in app gdpr.js  file we have added the below code


    deliveryMethod: DeliveryMethod.Http,
    callbackUrl: "/api/webhooks",
    callback: async (topic, shop, body, webhookId) => {
      const payload = JSON.parse(body);
        console.log(shop, "shop");
      console.log(payload, "payload");
     //Implemented post method to send the data to our server using API
and we are getting below response in our server API 

shop: '{shop}',
payload: {
app_subscription: {
admin_graphql_api_id: 'gid://shopify/AppSubscription/29910434089',
 name: 'Enterprise',
 status: 'ACTIVE',
 admin_graphql_api_shop_id: 'gid://shopify/Shop/75939283241',
created_at: '2023-07-14T08:09:11-04:00',
updated_at: '2023-07-14T08:09:39-04:00',
currency: 'USD',
 capped_amount: null

After getting the APP_SUBSCRIPTIONS_UPDATE webhook response, we want to get the customer details using the above response in node JS. We have gone through this link shop ( and did not find how to get the customer details.


Please help us in fixing this ASAP.



Chandrakanth S

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