Unable to use same development environment for multiple developers in custom app development

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I have a small clarification regarding Shopify app development.Currently, we are developing a custom Shopify app with two developers. We are using the same partner account and the same app credentials for our local development environments. Our development framework is Remix, and we're utilizing GitHub for version control.


The issue we're facing is that when one developer runs their local server (npm run dev), it updates their .toml file and the App URL and Allowed Redirection URL(s) in the partner account's app setup. Consequently, the provided link allows the other developer to access the app.


However, if the server is stopped, the link becomes inactive.My question is: How can multiple developers develop the same Shopify app using an identical local environment while sharing the same partner account?Appreciate any guidance!

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If you are using shopify CLI 3 and above you can use the app config link command