Uncollapsed Product Reviews by default on new page load

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We're using the Product reviews app by shopify to show reviews of products on the product page.


We're using the review "drawer" within the "product page" section. This is preferable due to the fact the reviews line up below the images and are separate from the checkout buttons.


The review "drawer" in the closed positionThe review "drawer" in the closed position


However many people don't even realise we have reviews in this location as the reviews section is by default collapsed. Is there any way to set this to be in the "open" state on page load?


Example product page: https://rossoroastingco.com.au/products/the-governor

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Hi @rossoroasting ,


Please paste below CSS code at the very end of theme.css file

online store -> edit code -> assets ->  theme.css


.Product__Tabs .Collapsible__Inner{overflow:visible !important; height:auto !important;}
.Product__Tabs .Collapsible__Inner > .Collapsible__Content{visibility:visible !important;}

.Product__Tabs .Collapsible__Plus{display:none}


Hope it will help...

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