Under what circumstances are multiple reverseFulfillmentOrder(s) generated?

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I'm trying to understand how to manage returns: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/fulfillment/returns-apps/returns

I understand that when a return is requested, I should approve or decline it. Then this generates a "reverseFulfillmentOrder" to which you can submit a "reverseDelivery".

What I don't understand is that multiple "reverseFulfillmentOrders" can be generated against a "return", even at the same location.


"A reverse fulfillment order is a group of one or more items in a return that will be processed by a merchant or a third-party fulfillment service. Creating a return or approving a return creates a reverse fulfillment order. There can be more than one reverse fulfillment order for a return at a given location."


So, under what circumstances would multiple reverseFulfillmentOrder(s) be generated for a single fulfillment service at a given location?

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