Re: Unlimited product options with dropdown image swapping

Unlimited product options with dropdown image swapping

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I have a very specific need and have demo'd a number of apps but can't quite find what I am looking for. App recommendations are appreciated!


I have more than 100 product options so the main requirement is that the app have unlimited product options.


What I need is to be able to have a dropdown list that swaps the main product image with a variant image... similar to what native shopify allows (but not an image swatch - but I have hundreds of product options and image swatch options won't work (too long and bulky on the product page). 




What I need is to be able to have a dropdown list that allows text to be displayed above the dropdown list based on the option selected... but custom text, not the product variant title text. The text would be a short description of the selected variant.


Would be willing to consider custom programming for the app that can be configured to do either of the above.


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Hi @wikkidchik ,


We can build a private app to achieve the same.


Two samples of private app development with different features.



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Hello @wikkidchik ,

Have you got the solution? As you want to add multiple options and want to swap the image according to the selected option then you can try the Inkybay app.


The Inkybay app offers the “Product Options” feature. With this feature, you can add as many options as you want. There are no limitations to offering options on the product page. You can display those options in the drop-down, radio, swatch, and check box. For the swatch images, it’ll also preview on the product page. It’s possible to assign the price to each option and the price will be added to the base price when any option is selected by the customer. The information of all options will be available on the order files also. You can get the order files through the app in four different formats PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG.


This app provides great customer support and they provide services in many ways like live chat, email, ticket, and live meetings also.

You’ll get 21 days of free trial for going through all the customization features. Here is the Demo Product.

Custom Mug-Inkybay.png



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Hi  !

You can try Kickflip! It's a product customizer app allowing unlimited product options and variants.
Your customers can see a live preview of any options they select within multiple perspectives.
Both solutions with dropdowns are possible. You select yourself what images your customers see for any options or combinations of options. You can use logic rules to have conditional options based on the previous selection.

There is a dynamic coloring feature which provide you the ability to upload only one image and apply color dynamically on it, instead of uploading one picture per color options. This can be really helpful in your case. 
If your product has multiple components let's say one part of the product can have a color or material and a second part of the product another color, you can set up these kind of combinations easily. 
You can also add extra cost for some options you may have. Well the possibilities are endless. 
I invite you to try it and see by yourself 



Hope this help ! 
Kickflip also has an amazing customer support, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.woocommerce-product-customizer-kickflip.png

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Hi @wikkidchik,

Have you found a solution yet? If not, I'd like to offer a simple solution for your issue using the Easify Product Options app. It allows you to create unlimited product options with ease, and it provides 2 option input types that are perfect for your needs: Product List and Dropdown with Images 👍.


Here's a quick demonstration on how to set up your options using the app:

  • Create a new option set:



  • Add a new option, choosing between Product List and Dropdown.

1. Product List: This option input type is only provided by the Easify Product Options app and is ideal for custom options with a large number of values, like yours. It shows a button on your product page, and when clicked, it displays a popup with your long list of option values. 




You can add as many option values as you want and set extra prices for each value, either independently or linked to your existing products on your store:






2. Dropdown: If your option has numerous values and image swatches won't be suitable, the Dropdown with images is a great choice. It shows images of option values while keeping everything neatly organized in the dropdown, without making your page too lengthy.




  • After creating your options, simply assign the option set to your relevant product(s) on your site:



My suggested solution may differ from the ideas you've considered, but I believe it can effectively resolve your issue. If there are any other aspects I missed, let me know, and I'll provide further suggestions 😊!

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