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I'm looking for an app that can handle approx. 35 options on the one product, these will include all the usual suspects; text field, dropdowns, radio buttons ect but I also require the ability for the customer to be able to upload PDF files into three separate fields in the same products. I also want to be able to groups my Options together with sub headings and some explanatory text for the customer. 


Now I know there are plenty of apps for unlimited options and i know there are apps for file uploads... my question is, are there any apps out there that can handle both requirements?


Please note, I'm specifically looking for PSDF uploads, not image uploads and the files size of each PDF will be substantial.




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Hi @BryanPal,

I'd recommend giving the Easy Product Options app a try; it seems like it could be a great fit for your needs. Here's why:

  1. It offers a wide range of custom option types (text field, dropdowns, radio buttons, buttons, file upload, quantity, dimension, listing, modal...) - 26 in total—which is more comprehensive than what most other apps provide 🤗.

  2. You can incorporate multiple file upload fields, enabling customers to upload various file types, providing flexibility.

  3. The app lets you organize your products effectively, ensuring a neat and well-structured page. You can achieve this using the special Option Group option type or by adding headings and explanatory text with the Heading & Paragraph option types.

I'm curious about the average size of your PDF files. Could you share more details? That way, I can provide a more specific guide to help you set up your custom options.

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Hello @BryanPal,

I can suggest you to try the Inkybay - Product Personalizer app. This app will allow you to add unlimited options along with allowing customers to upload PDF files into three or more separate files. Those options can be shown as dropdowns, radio buttons, and swatch styles. Let me know if you want to check the sample product.

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