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Update shopify inventory from xero

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Would love any suggestions for an app that would help sync shopify inventory levels if an invoice is raised in xero.



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one option would be to use some kind of micro service that would capture Xero webhook anytime invoice is paid ( Next this micro service would adjust inventory in Shopify. To create it you could use app like:

This would require bit of custom logic to be implemented. Send me a dm if you need to know more. 

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Hi! Check out Shypyard ( It's a Shopify integration platform that can help you sync Shopify inventory levels with Xero. 

If you're interested, I'd love to set up some time to chat about it. 

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Hi @Scottie2Hottie 

I'm late the to the party here, but my recommendation would be an inventory add-on from the Marketplace or a dedicated app like Unleashed or Cin7

Happy to help with recommendations if you need.