Update Smart Collection Sort Order via API - Is this broken?

Update Smart Collection Sort Order via API - Is this broken?

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Problem endpoint: https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2024-01/resources/smartcollection#put-smart-collections-smar...


I have spent a long time playing with the rest API, trying to shuffle the order of my collection products.


I am hitting the following endpoint with a PUT request, and am receiving a 200 response with empty body, as expected:




The problem? The products do not get sorted in the order that I have provided. Often, there is no change to the order.


Sometimes, if I repeat the request, there might be a small change in the order that I request, but it is still not correct. 


I have tried specifying 'products[]=' to clear the sort order, as described in the docs. But this still doesn't fix anything for me.


Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong? Is anyone else using this endpoint to reorder products, and is having success?



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