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Update webhook API version

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Hello dear Shopify Community, 

I am trying to update the API version of one of my webhooks from 2022-01 to 2022-04. Within the custom apps settings the webhook subscriptions event version is set to 2022-04 which would mean that every webhook that is newly created would have the api version 2022-04.
These are the steps I am taking to update a webhooks API version: 
1. Delete existing webhook with incorrect API version 

2. Create new webhook 
However when creating a new webhook it will still be created with the old api version 2022-01. 

Many thanks in advance for any hints on how to solve this! 

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Did you check your script once?

I think no issue in webhook 

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Thank you for your reply! 

I'm sorry what do you mean by checking the script? 
This is not an issue with a webhook that is not working. I have the problem that I cannot update the webhook to a different API version.