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Updating Customers

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I need some help! We are a women's made-to-order clothing store. Our production time is 2 weeks (15 Business days. I want to send my clients a reminder email of their days for our production time. Or some type of way to keep our clients informed. Our clients text and email me all the time with updates on their orders and its time consuming and redundant to need to keep communicating our timelines.


I just downloaded this app called Sales Boost - Sunflower.  I love it but I basically want this same app but in email form to send our timeline calendar.


If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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One solution is the usemechanic scripts 


Use something like that or other automation apps, or order-status apps, in tandem with a theme customization that displays the order status on the customers page using order.tags, or on the order-status page.


Note how you may need other non-shopify tools/services to interface with your email to do things like auto-responding to delivery-timeline inquiries that go directly to your email.

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