Upsell or bundle products with product customizations

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We offer products that require customization, for example text input boxes for a custom name to be embroidered. Currently we use Infinite Options for the text input fields.


We'd like to be able to offer these customizable products as part of an advanced bundle or upsell offer, but none of the apps I've found will support the Infinite Options style Options to show in the widget.


Being that these fields are required information for the item to be produced, has anyone found an upsell/bundling app that supports product customizations?


My first thought was BOLD because they have apps for just about everything, but it doesn't appear their upsell app is compatible with their own product options app.

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Hi @birdman13,

Could you provide details about the specific type of bundle you're looking to create? If you're facing compatibility issues with bundle/upsell apps and your product options app, exploring alternative methods to craft your bundles may be a viable solution.

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Try iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell app. It has many customizable options for each widget which you can change as per your business needs.