Upsell Pop Up for specific product varirant after ATC button is clicked

Upsell Pop Up for specific product varirant after ATC button is clicked

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Hello, I have tried many many apps, and I need an upsell app where there is an option to have an upsell of a specific product varirant after ATC button is clicked.

What i'm trying to achieve is Buy One Get One Free, so a customer would click the ATC for say size medium, there would be a popup proposing to have another same product of size medium for free.

Any help of indication of an app that could help me achieve this is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Axeltta 


The EasyGift app ( lets you show a popup when a certain product is added to cart. You would need to create a popup for each variant if that's how you want it to work. An easier solution would be to trigger the rule for the product then show a popup containing all of the products they could add.


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Hello, you can try out our app, “Bevy Design”. The app’s Add to Cart trigger can display chosen products from your inventory. This function can be triggered when a customer adds a product to their cart or removes one from it. I genuinely think that this will fulfill your purpose. And you can create this pop-up within minutes. 

However, please note that our Add to Cart trigger only works if the customer is not redirected to another page automatically when adding a product to their cart.

For additional information, you can look up at our website:

If you need to book a meeting with me to go over what our app has to offer, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to chat with you!

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