URGENT: Facebook Pixel Catalog match rate 40%

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Hello Everyone,


I'm encountering a significant issue with our catalog match rate, where 40% of Content IDs aren’t matching any catalog connected to our pixel. Here's the breakdown of our setup:


  • Our Facebook & Instagram pixel is connected via the Shopify app.
  • Our catalog is managed through ChannelAdvisor, which sends products to the Facebook catalog.

I've reached out to Facebook, Shopify, and ChannelAdvisor for assistance. However, each party has been pointing fingers at the others:


  • Facebook suggests contacting Shopify, as the Facebook app within Shopify is developed and owned by Shopify.
  • Shopify advises reaching out to Facebook, arguing that the pixel belongs to Facebook.
  • ChannelAdvisor states that they don't have any fields related to Content IDs in their system, as they solely send product data to populate their catalog.

After consulting with Facebook Support, they directed me back to Shopify, emphasizing that the Facebook pixel integration is through the Shopify app. Conversely, Shopify Support insisted that it's Facebook's pixel, leading to a circular conversation with no resolution.


Our Facebook catalog feed is managed through ChannelAdvisor, while the pixel is connected via the Facebook Shopify app. To avoid conflicting feeds with ChannelAdvisor, we disabled the feed from the app. This raises the question of whether the issue stems from the setup of the pixel through the Shopify Facebook app, rather than manually connecting the pixel via code. Or not having the app send the catalog feed.


Has anyone encountered a similar issue or have any insights into resolving this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Issue: Over half of the catalog does not have matching content ID's, the products are in the catalog, but the content_id is passed incorrectly, through the pixel. Pixel is connected via Shopify's Facebook app, catalog feed is connected via Channeladvisor.


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