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USA and EU Products / Currency

Shopify Partner
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Hi guys,


Wondering if anyone can help clarify this. I know with Shopifys $299 per month you can have multiple currencies. But without that how can I set up my shop for the following:


- One fulfillment centre is in Europe with a set of products (prints in European sizes A1,A2,A3,A4,A5 etc)

- One fulfillment centre is in the USA for USA customers. Same prints, but different sizing (so I will have to have different set of products)

- A solution to hide USA products from EU customers and vice versa. (I think locksmith app will work for this)

- A solution to show the USA products in USD and the ability for customers to actually pay in this currency at checkout

- The same solution for EU products for EU and rest of world to see EU pricing and pay in EU currency at checkout. 


As far as I can see the multi-currency apps say they integrate with Shopify payments but then in the small print say you must have mutli currency set up in shopify, which is a Shopify Advanced feature, costing 299 per month. Is that right?


Any help much appreciated. 

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