Use Shopify to populate a Facebook Catalog

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Hi All, 

My client uses Shopify to manage their online store, and want us to run Dynamic Ads using the Facebook page that we manage (We're a social media marketing agency).

I'm trying to use Shopify to populate their product catalogue on Facebook (Not a shop, they don't sell ON Facebook, just their website). 

All the help documentation I can find has no clear steps on how to do this, can anyone help? I just want to use the Shopify store they have to push those products through to a FB catalogue and then run dynamic ads from there using Ads manager, but I just CANNOT get the products to populate through. I get a lot of microdata errors when using the FB pixel as a data source, and I'm wondering if they've set up the products incorrectly on their website, but in that case, what should I tell them they need to fix?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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Did you ever figure this out? I agree, there are NO clear steps on how to do this. And neither Shopify support OR FB support know the answer. I've literally lost days trying to figure this out. I used to have a data feed set up to run hourly but I was getting so many errors and products rejected that I finally had a hissy fit and deleted the data feed. Now I have no products in my catalog, which is negatively affecting my business, and after HOURS on with Shopify and FB support, no one can give me a straight answer. What the freak! If you figured it out, I'd love to know!