Using barcodes to process orders

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Is there an app for this? or do I need to get one developed?

I am wanting to utilise a barcode scanner to speed up the handling and dispatching of orders. Scanning of a barcode would remove the need to use my mouse to click through the process on Shopify of shipping my order. Bare with me as I explain.

Packing slips would have a barcode on them, unique to the order. When the barcode is scanned the order will be brought up on screen.

In my dispatch area I'd have a sheet of barcodes taped to the wall. Each barcode would be mapped to do a different command.

For example:

1 - I'd pack an order into a shipping box.
2 - Scan the barcode of the packing slip, the order is brought up on screen in shopify
3 - (My shipping provider is integrated) - I'd scan a pre programmed barcode (on my wall) that would mark the order as fulfilled. I'd ideally have barcodes to confirm shipping box size and print the shipping label.

I'm not sure if that makes sense? Does anyone know if anything is out there that can do this?

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Does the shipping provider have an application you are using, how are you currently communicating with them?


This is a challenge my team is currently working on and would be happy to include you in a pilot for the application in a few weeks.

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Yes can be done using Shopify API


Drop me email I'll discuss more.

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I'm currently using Starshipit in conjunction with NZ Post in New Zealand.

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Hi Merritt,

have you found a solution ?
I'm looking for the same thing exactly.


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Basically it is a pick and pack app but you don't need consignment labels being generated by the app as this is done by Shopify.

We developed a simple mobile app for iOS and Android that loads orders up and you then scan the products against them and when complete we update the order to whatever status user needs. It only needs the phone camera but we also integrated Socket Mobile scanners for when phone camera gets too annoying.



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Thanks !