Using discount codes on Current subscriptions in shopify?

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We are running a loyalty program and we would like to let our customers apply a discount code to CURRENT subscriptions. But Shopify only allows customers to apply discount codes to: a) a person's first subscription order, b) 2 or more subsequent orders, and c) to all future orders


Can the discount code only be applied to one order of the Subscription?


We are using Smile and Bold Subscriptions apps



Thanks for the help, it is greatly appreciated.

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Yes, the discount code can be applied only for one renewal. To do this, simply create a discount code in Shopify, which you will limit only to 1 or 2 payments. You can set this up in the "Maximum discount uses" section in Shopify admin > Discount > Create discount.

Or, you could set a custom price for a specific product in a specific product and set the app to simply revert the price back to the original one after the renewal 🙂

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