Using Product referenced Metaobject fields as filters

Using Product referenced Metaobject fields as filters

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I'm developing a print on demand store. This means that many of the products are the exact same product, with different designs printed on it.


I love metaobjects because I can save each product's traits as metaobject fields that the product can reference. Take shirts for example, I can have things like the fit type, the shipping origin country, the age group intended for the shirt, and more. Instead of constantly filling out these fields, I can point the product to its metaobject, which then carries the fields.


Everything is great except applying this to the Search and Discover app, for purposes of using these fields as filters. I've just learned that I can apply a metaobject as a filter, but I can only do this ONCE. It doesn't let me apply multiple fields from the same metaobject as separate filters. (Unless someone knows something I don't).


Any possible solution to this?


Another problem: Shopify acts like the same selection in the field is a different value.


For example: I have a metaobject field with a list of a values, these values are always the same value, for shipping origin. So far they are all United States. But since the value is coming from a referenced metaobject field, it shows as "United States" as a list for each metaobject item, like 10-20 United States instead of just one. So I have to group these together with a label as "United States." So each time I add a new product type I'll have to add its United States to the grouping definition. Hoping that makes sense.


Anyway...don't really know what to do here as I really don't want to have to define these things on the product level instead of the metaobject level. I feel like a solution is really close, but it's still off. I feel like this is a use case metaobjects were built for.

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