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Using Shopify POS app on new mac m1

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I was wondering if anybody has tried running the Shopify POS app on a new Mac m1 device.

I'm considering getting the Imac m1 for our store, since all apps should work on this new system and we really miss a working station in the store.

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I have tried but so far with no success; still trying workarounds to have it work. Shopify needs to get with the program, not everyone wants a retail sales counter full of equipment. They need to allow the new Macs with M1 Chips to run Shopify POS and not have it restricted solely to an iPad. Not many businesses can run everything on an iPad. Give us a break Shopify and allow the Macs with the M1 Chips to run Shopify POS. After all, Shopify Admin can run on a desktop, and so should Shopify POS!

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I completely agree. I was so excited to finally have Shopify POS on the new iMac but I can't find the app in the app store.


Working on an iPad full time is out of the question so I need to have 2 iMacs for my 2 employees and I'm forced to also have an iPad just for the sake of the POS app. I don't have 100 customers coming in the shop every day.


At the very least, the app should become available to the M1 Macs.

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I agree. We have limited space on top of the counter but we do have an m1 MacBook Air behind it. Since the m1 mac's can install and run iOS apps, I'm not sure why Shopify has restricted their app to only run on an iOS device. 

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I do it since one year.

Very easy:

it's really useful to have that backup solution when extra customers are in the shop or tablet is out of battery or when my kids are using the tablet.....


Hope this helps,