Re: Using the Clipboard API in the app iframe

Using the Clipboard API in the app iframe

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I just wanted to implement a label action that copies the text field's value to the users clipboard. It's very straight-forward:


    labelAction={{ content: "Copy", onAction: async () => navigator.clipboard.writeText(url)}}


However this does not work because the embedded app is an iframe and not allowed to access the Clipboard API, so I get an error.

DOMException: The Clipboard API has been blocked because of a Feature Policy applied to the current document. See for more details.

Apparently it's relatively straight-forward to allow the iframe access to this API, it just needs an "allow" attribute like


<iframe src="..." allow="clipboard-write"><iframe>



But as an app developer of course I don't have control over the iframe's attributes, so this is a feature request, whether you could consider allowing certain APIs for embedded apps, specifically "clipboard-write"?

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Having the same problem. Any help on this?

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I encountered the same problem right now.

Would be awesome if Shopify could support this.

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Also running into this issue and would love to see support for it 🙂

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This would really help our onboarding flow -- please fix this! 🙂 

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Definitely need support for this!

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I have a sinking feeling this thread (like many others that just go ignored and unanswered for months or years by anyone at Shopify) is in a forest where the falling trees don't make a sound.

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Afaik it's possible to work around this by not using the Clipboard API but the older way of interacting with the clipboard:, which is maybe why this isn't really a high priority even though it would be very nice to have this working.

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As this is over a year old and I ran into the same problem I thought I'd share a working snippet I'm using to copy text from an input. If/when shopify make a change, this should gracefully switch to the clipboard api.


    function copyToClipboard(id){
        var copyText = document.getElementById(id);;       
        copyText.setSelectionRange(0, 99999); /* For mobile devices */
        //iframe blocks clipboard api so fallback
        //onto deprecated method until Shopify update this

        navigator.permissions.query({name:'clipboard-write'}).then(function(result) {
         if (result.state == 'granted') {
         } else  {


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"clipboard-write" doesn't exist in safari and will throw an error :(, guess I'll stick to execCommand

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Another option could be to provide clipboard functionality through AppBridge, though allowing is a way better way to make everything work out of the box