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Variable kits/Bundles

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I am looking for an app that would allow me to create a kit/bundle of multiple SKUs.  One of the items in the kit would be a t-shirt where I would want the customer to choose the size of the t-shirt when placing the order for the kit.  Does anybody know of an app that can handle that scenario?

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Hello @Chrissyking 

Hope you are doing well.

If you are looking for an app that allows your customer to choose the bundle then  MultiVariants - Bulk order app can be a solution for you.

All you need to do is create a product in Shopify and then add the product that comes in the kit as variants. And then by using the MultiVariants - Bulk order you can show all the products as variants on your product page.

Now your customer can choose their preferable variants (which are your products) and go to the cart page at once with all. In this way, they can choose the products they need and make their own bundle.

Apart from this, the app also allows you to apply min/max order quantity, min/max order value, bundle quantity, incremental quantity, etc. 


For your better understanding here I am attaching a Demo product. You can choose your preferred product variants from here and can make your own bundle.

Here is the Demo Store link. You can explore to know more about MultiVariants - Bulk order apps features.

Also, it has 3 days of free trial and customer support service.

So you can definitely give it a try.

Hope it Helps 

Thank you.

BindleKit by MultivariantsBindleKit by Multivariants


Marvic | EFOLI
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There are 2 different types of bundle apps.


One type is creating custom pages in your theme and letting your buyers select different items as part of a bundle before check out. These are then added as individual order lines.


Other type is creating a virtual item (normal single product) that states in contains a certain set of components. You would need to use a third party app to bundle each kit up with the relevant SKUs.


For example:

Option 1 - T Shirt Size

Option 2 - T Shirt Color


When both options are selected the product that is added to checkout will be a virtual product that contains the T Shirt plus any other components you have predefined in an app like ours. The buyer doesn't see all the components in cart but rather just one product. We unbundle orders made for a bundled product into the component SKUs post purchase. This way the order lines are only for components and can be fulfilled as per normal.


Another thing to consider is fulfilment and inventory management. Our app will let you connect up all your products to correct SKUs and we then update their inventory based on the component stock level.


If you need assistance in setting up and testing please get in touch or check our guide:





Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
MYOB Sync - connect your MYOB account to sync orders, customers, payments and inventory.
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Hey @Chrissyking,

Since you are looking for Kits and bundles, I highly recommend checking PickyStory deals.

PickyStory offers different types of bundles depending on your needs.

All sales through PickyStory deals are tracked on an individual product basis on SKU level and synced with your Shopify inventory. PickyStory also syncs with your Shopify catalog. This means that your product variants will be available in your PickyStory bundles and will allow your customers to pick variants like sizes or colors.

If you want to create a bundle as a product and have its own dedicated page. I recommend checking our combo products. 

Combo Products enable you to bundle products as a single product, add to collections and advertise across your marketing channels. Aggregate several products as a pack/gift box and sell them through a dedicated product page as one product.
  • Buy A+B+C for $50
  • Buy any pack from the Gifts collection for $99

If you want to display bundles as add-ons to existing products, you may try our bundle deal instead. 

With Bundles, you can upsell deals on your product pages or any other page in your store. You can create manual bundles or use automation bundles based on your store's sales history.
  • Buy products A + B + C together
  • Buy products A + B + C for 10% off



Hope this truly helps and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Paulo M. | PickyStory

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Hi @Chrissyking 


This is Jun from Bundle Kit


Our app is able to meet your needs and it will also allow your customers to pick a size for the t-shirt. To be able to do this with our app, you will first need to create a dummy bundle product then convert this to a bundle in our app. We have a step-by-step instruction here:


If you have any other questions or need help with onboarding, feel free to reply back to me and I will be more than happy to assist you.


Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.
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Hello Chrissyking


This is Mahi from Fast Bundle. I have read about your requirement and I think we are capable to meet your need.

Fast Bundle is a product bundling app that has many features for bundling such as Product Mix and Match, Collection Mix and Match, Standard bundle, Offer as a product, Volume discount, and so on. You can choose different types of discounts to apply to your bundles (Fixed, Percentage, Shipping).

All the features are available for you on our app and in my opinion Offer as a product might be a feasible solution for your need.

Also, you can create different types of offers with all your SKUs and different variants.






Note that we developed our app in a way that you can use all its features without paying money.


Hope you enjoy,


Fast Bundle

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Hi Paulo, Does pickstory also adds a detail in the order api to know that a specific item is part of the KIT Item?